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What is accessibility?

Web accessibility is all about making your website accessible to all web users (whether they are disabled or not), and regardless of the technology they are using.


If you remember the famous dot.com crash that was heralded by the failure of Boo.com - one of the causes for the failure was the use of leading edge technology that proved inaccessible to their target audience - nothing to do with the disabled, but such a law, and an associated audit would have saved that side of their business.


Accessible websites are proven to increase traffic as they are easier to access for all users. A website optimised for accessibility has the following benefits:

Fulfilling legal obligations

Maximising access to your website

Websites are no longer just viewed through a single type of browser. They can be accessed in a variety of different ways:

Easier to manage

Accessible websites generally separate the content (words) and the presentation layer, allowing a webmaster to update the site quickly. Most of these sites are controlled by Style Sheets (CSS).


Accessible websites can generally be accessed by all users on all types of devices - the broader the appeal, the greater the longevity of the design. Can you afford to have to change your website every few years?

Better Search Engine Rankings

If a person, especially someone who has an impairment, can access your website, you can be pretty sure that a search engine robot (the means by which they access and assess websites) can get in and navigate around the site.


The higher your search engine ranking, the more likely you are to be found, and therefore attract higher numbers of visitors.