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Our audit services

You have access to all the checklists that we, and all other 'audit' companies, either from the WAI website, or from our pages in this section.


Just checking your site and ticking the boxes is all very well, but if you do not understand the terminology, technology or implications, you may find that you cannot complete the task.


This is where DDA Audit can help. We understand the guidelines and the technology. As a result, we can help you identify the most cost effective means of complying with the legislation, and make your site user-friendly to all users and the search engine robots.

Pre-audit assessment

We offer a pre-audit assessment of your site to check what needs closer inspection, and which level would/could be most appropriate for the site as it stands. Our pre-audit service covers the following steps:

* The cost of the pre-audit depends on the number of pages on your website, and complexity of the site. Generally speaking we audit 6 random pages, or approx. 10% of the site (subject to review). Many sites are now template driven, so the need to audit 10% has diminished.


The cost of the pre-audit ranges from approx £2,000 to £8,000

The DDA Audit

The full audit includes assessing your website for all 3 classes ('A', 'AA' and 'AAA') and involves the following elements:

* Cost dependent on number of pages to be audited

** A sample of communications are used for this audit


The cost of a full DDA Audit is £3,500 - £16,500 - please note that if you underwent a pre-audit this cost will reduce by approx. 20%.

Next Steps

If you want to discuss what you need to do to start your DDA Audit, or to arrange for us to undertake the audit or pre-audit, please .